Meet the family

Unison Colour is very much a family business. Started by John and Kate Hersey, the business is now run jointly by Kate and her son Dan Hersey. The team here at Unison Colour are all from the local area in Northumberland, and some have worked here since the business began.

We all love the colours we make

Meet the Unison Colour family.

We gave our staff a task — 10 min's for a self-portrait with our pastels and then tell us which is their favourite pastel! Here are the results…

A stunning workshop to create stunning pastels

This is where the pastels are still made, in the 18th house, and in a workshop across the way from it. All pigments are stored in the lower level of the coach house, 

and there is a large studio on the top floor where the tradition of making pastels still continues today.

Inspirational Northumberland

The pastels are made in the heart of the Northumberland National Park in England. It is a wild and beautiful part of north England, close to the Scottish border. The landscape is of rolling hills and moorland reaching up to the heights of the Cheviot Hills.

It is a land of history and myth, being the pilgrimage land of St. Cuthbert. Along with pastels here in Tarset, there are also Yurts & Tipi’s to stay in! Please visit the Wild Northumbria website for more details.

Wild Northumbria

The range of colour in our pastels will bring stunning landscapes to life.

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