Introducing the Michelle Lucking 'Beach Set'

We've colloborated with artist Michelle Lucking to bring you a bespoke set of 36 colours, perfect for those beach scenes.

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'For me, there is nothing more captivating & mesmerising than the sea. I've spent many hours painting - both in my studio & painting plein air - the majestic & wild beauty of the ocean. There's something limitless and raw about it, and I always see something new & challenging about it that I want to capture on paper'

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'I wanted to create a set that you could use in your studio at home, or take to the beach with you. I wanted to make sure that the set allowed as much versatility with the palette as possible: stormy days, azure skies, delicate mornings, or vibrant sunsets, in addition to allowing for all the different sand & pebble beaches. I've engineered it loosely so that the top line can be used for skies, the middle line for the sea, and the bottom line for the sand, although these can be all mixed around & interchanged. Of course with the added bonus that the box isn't too big to take for plein air expeditions!'

The Beach Set


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The Michelle Lucking Beach Set


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