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One of the great things about what we do is that ‘we feel the love’! Artists everywhere keep responding to our pastels with great enthusiasm & kind words- we make a beautiful product, and people respond.

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We’d love to see more of what you do with our pastels. Please send your artwork to yourart@unisoncolour.com and we will include one piece in our Gallery with a link to your website.

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What people say about Unison Colour

"Your pastels are the bees knees. Their gorgeous, buttery feel and sheer richness, vibrancy and variety of colour, is unparalleled. With many thanks for the pleasure your pastels have given me, and the world of expression they have opened for me"

Susan Gathercole

“Unison’s colour range beautifully combines subtle and vibrant colour with warm and cold colour to construct a must see pallet for any artist who aims to create work made in response to the British landscape.”

Matthew Draper, UK

“Just be warned, if you make the move to Unison pastels, nothing else is ever going to feel as good, and you will have to deal with the urgent desire to replace your entire pastel collection!”

Dean, Spain

“Unison pastels have made my pastel work easier, more exciting, and have been an essential part of my best ever work.”

Gregory, UK

“Fantastic quality and colours - while painting outdoors for a week now I have been standing looking for colours in a landscape and everytime I have been able to find it in the complete set- that is truly amazing!”

Rene, Denmark

“I have tried many brands in addition to Unison. None of them has the clarity, fluency and purity of yours.”

Mary, France

“Put simply they were the best Xmas present I could have, and I was busy trying them out on Xmas morning rather than cooking the turkey. I like to think I have got my priorities right.”

Angela, UK

'The best thing about Unison pastels is their purity and smoothness.  For me, the range of colours and concentration of pigment are unequalled.  I wouldn’t use anything else in my work.'

John Rotherham, English Artist, Nov 2015

I have been very lucky to be introduced to what I consider to be probably the most perfect consistency of pastels on the market today, which is Unison. I have tried many different types of pastel and most I believe work great with some types of papers, but not all. Unison seem to work extremely well on all pastel papers. What I mean by consistency, is that they are not too, soft, nor too hard, so they don't fill the tooth of the paper too quickly, and the pastel sits and holds on the paper really well.

Interview with Les Darlow, October 2015

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