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A Guide to our Landscape Sets

13 July 2015

John Hersey was much inspired by the surrounding countryside here at Unison Colour. Influenced by the constant changes in character and mood of the nearby fells, he created the present day 'Landscape' collections of pastels. Available in sets containing 8, 18, 36, and 72 pastels, the range was designed to provide a palette suitable for capturing the outdoors throughout the year.

The first set to be created was the Landscape18 set: an ample selection including pale yellow ochres, subtle sky greys, a series of rich green variants plus a few shadow colours for contrast. A perfect introduction to our pastels.


The palette has since been extended to give a more complete range for the more committed landscape artist in the shape of the 36 and 72 sets.


Northumbrian Landscape 36

Following many interesting conversations with Peter Podmore (a local artist) Unison Colour asked for his valuable opinion on what represented quintessential Northumbrian colours. This is set is the result. Peter’s distinctive style is very evident in his choice.

Mediterranean Landscape Set of 63 half sticks

Also chosen by Heather Harman, this is one of our most popular sets and a real favourite for many. A fantastic vibrant “kit” perfect for an artistic visit to the Med or many other sunnier destinations. Heather also suggests the kit is very useful for still life so this little box of wonder has such potential for great results.

Irish Landscape 36

Another request for colour choice this time from artist Mary Brigid Mackey. A fabulous range chosen for the landscape surrounding Mary but well suited to most landscape settings. A rich collection of pastels incorporating many of our top selling colours.

French Landscape 72

Over the years Unison Colour received many requests for a French landscape so we enlisted the help of french artist Sophie Amauger. This set contains plenty of deep rich greens, velvety umbers coupled with useful neutrals and pale ochres.  

One can of course choose individual colours for your own needs, have a look at our colour ranges here.

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