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Art At Our Feet

8 August 2016

The day of the 4th June began with sunshine creeping across the paving slabs of Much Wenlock’s Square. In the heart of this small picturesque town bunting was being strung- up and tables laid out. Art at Your Feet was about to begin.

Rubbings had been made of the paving stones producing a series of random lines and squiggles on large pieces of paper. Unison Pastels had generously donated boxes of pastels in the most vibrant colours and these were now laid out forming a bright hue of rainbow colours.

The first child cautiously approached and looked even more anxious as she was donned in an oversized tee shirt. ‘Draw what you see,’ we said. That was all she needed. Suddenly the lines became a forest and a tiger appeared, peeping from behind the trees followed by two elephants and a sheep.

The little girl was the first of many children that day who let their imaginations soar and produced wonderful images from the zingy colours. Uninhibited, their joy was infectious and passers-by stopped to watch. One youngster spent most of the afternoon doing picture after picture, the beautiful pastels bringing all her ideas to life.

As an art group we too had previously taken up the challenge. It pushed us out of our comfort zone, made us experiment and play with the medium. An exhibition of our pastel paintings was mounted and to our surprise when framed and hung they were quite impressive.


The pastels have since been donated to a school for children with special needs where they continue to provide pleasure and stimulation.

Thank you once again to Unison Pastels.


Article written by Jo Jackson for Catherine Downes and Unison Colour.

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