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Cass Art Workshop with Sandra Orme

5 July 2016

On Friday 24th June Cass Art HQ in Camden held Unison Colour workshops, which were ran by Sandra Orme. The aim of these workshoos was to introduce their staff to Unison pastels & give them an understanding of the quality of our pastels & what could be produced with them.

Sandra took along her range of Unison pastels as well as using a large number of starter sets that we had provided for the staff to use.

There was a range of experience within the workshop - some had used pastels to a limited extent & others had no experience at all but all were interested & enthusiastic in giving it a try! They all had knowledge & experience about art & generally did their own work.

At the beginning of the workshop we discussed pastels & the appropriate papers to use. Sandra talked through her work & the techniques she uses - applying many layers of pastel to create movable layers with a huge variety of tints & shades. Sandra explained & demonstrated the unique properties of Unison pastels & brought along some other cheaper pastels so the group could see, feel & experience the difference between the two. The students found the difference between the pastels quite startling & enlightening. They were also amazed by the difference in the way Unison pastels allowed them to build layers & create an amazing range of tints & shades with even a few colours. Sandra did a demo of a piece of blended work on Clairefontaine Pastelmat - explaining throughout the process used & how the pastels were working to help achieve that result, the students then tried the blending technique for themselves.

Students at work

For part 2 of the workshop Sandra showed the students how work can be produced by the pastels on Sennelier Pastel Card. This technique involves no blending at all is is an almost completely different way of working. Both techniques involve building layers of pastels & the students enjoyed experiencing different ways of working.

Sandra said 'The workshop gave students a clear insight into why Unison pastels are the best on the market. It allowed them to explore a range of ways of working with the pastels & different ways of achieving success with them. The workshop gave them the knowledge, understanding & appreciation of Unison pastels & hopefully they will be able to communicate this with their customers - as well as help them sell the pastels with the appropriate materials & equipment for success in this wonderful medium'.

'I really enjoyed my day with Cass Art - they were a very friendly & enthusiastic crowd. It was great fun - hopefully all round!

Sandra demonstrating at Cass Art

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