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Dark Skies

25 September 2015


What can you see under our skies?

Most people in the U.K. live in urban areas where the effects of light pollution mean that they can only see a few stars through the orange glow of the city.Here in the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park it is possible to see up two thousand stars at any one time, with the furthest object you can see with your naked eye being the Andromeda Galaxy, very similar to our own Milky Way. The Milky Way is also something that can be seen clearly here, and up to eighty percent of us have not. Although the Milky Way is two and a half million light years away, here in Northumberland you can see it arms stretching out from a bright central core. It is also a good place to catch a glimpse of a shooting stars or the Northern Lights. 

Why not pay us a visit?

You can see how our pastels are made and buy directly at factory prices. Then perhaps spend a bit of time letting the landscape and sky inspire you. Make sketches, take photographs or even stay and draw! 

Thorneyburn Old Rectory, Tarset, Northumberland, NE48 1NA. Tel 01434240203 Email



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