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'Fantastic day out to Unison Colour'

22 July 2016

'Phenomenal & no comparison' was one the quotes from our recent visitors about our pastels. On the hottest day of the year so far Unison Colour welcomed Fiona Carvell & her art group to Unison HQ to understand & experience the process our wonderful pastels go through before being ready for use. From learning about the natural pigments, the mixing process, the art of rolling & the final stage of labelling & packing by hand.

After a welcoming cuppa the group were shown how how pastels are rolled & even had a go themselves to see if they could master the art.

The packing room.

Fiona said 'We thoroughly enjoyed the insight into the whole process & it certainly made everyone fully appreciate what we have when we pick up a Unison Pastel! The care & attention to detail is amazing & ensures the highest of quality in every stick of gorgeous colour.

If there are any art groups who use Unison Colour pastels & would love to experience how we create our wonderful pastels & also have the opportunity to purchase Unison pastels direct from source please contact

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