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Focus on a colour, a packer's view

16 March 2015

A18: Seeing the colours so often, I find myself drawn to gazing at some with an unexplained longing or awe. One of these is the rose-petal, chaffinch-breast, peach-pink of A18.

Why I ask myself do I stare at this colour, as though I can't quite be with it long enough? I realise it evokes something in me, some overlapped memories, dreams, hopes. It's duskiness settles me somehow, like the rest of a fading sun into a milky sky. I remember the deeply dipping tea roses in my grandmother's garden that made me stop running around and breath in as far as my little lungs would go.

And the soft hope of kindness, gently aired like an exquisite tablecloth falling smoothly into place. We would love to hear about the colours you love, do write and tell us on Facebook or twitter.

Adele Hersey, Packer.

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