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Heather Harman Sets

23 May 2014

About the sets

My portrait set has taken me some time to choose. I have eventually settled on my 'go to' colours that I find useful, and I hope that you will too.

The Mediterranean Set is my first for Unison Colour and their first half stick set in the UK. It developed out of my experience of taking numerous painting holidays into the Med region, where the colours are bright and vibrant, and normal landscape kits did not contain the colours we needed. WIth this kit it is possible to paint plein air in hotter climes with just one handy box. Oh - and it is a great still life box too!

About Heather

I am a pastel specialist, tutor, author and pastel historian. In 2014 I founded 'Pastel Artists UK - a facebook group which is now a successful support and tutoring resource. I work mainly within the European Pastel Societies, including many French/Spanish ones, and am asked to demonstrate at many. I carry Unison Pastels to every one of them.

It was 25 years ago when I first came across Unison and I suppose I was one of the first pastel artists in the UK to ring their praises.

The results I achieve are due in no small part to the quality of the pastels I use; I demand a high quality and consistency of colours and with Unison that is what I get. But more than that - the colours so expertly formulated by Unison's founder John Hersey, are both subtle and vibrant , luscious and and rich, and above all - inspirational.


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