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In Janine Baldwin's Studio

16 November 2016

Have you ever wondered what an artist's studio might be like? Or if you are an artist yourself, is your studio similar?

Well we were lucky enough to be invited to see inside Janine Baldwin's studio to see her work in progress. She works on several pieces at once, with one pinned on the back of the door, as she is quite forceful as she works and the walls can't take it!

Here is a little glimpse inside......


The one on the door!


Janine shows us some of her other works in progress.


And some more!


She has a particualr interest in William de Kooning,the abstract expressionist. Music is also an essential for Janine, she listens, and dances to music as she draws!


Her sketch books are part of her essential outdoor kit.


Great light to work in.


Janine is only ten minutes from the sea in Scarborough. It is an endless source of inspiration, along with the North York Moors National Park..

To read our full interview with Janine click here.

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