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Meditation at Unison Colour

8 June 2016

Having heard of the research into the benefits of meditation in the workplace, we were delighted to welcome Maureen Cooper, of 'Awareness in Action', based in Amsterdam, to introduce the staff to the basics of meditation. She shared some of the latest research with us, which shows for almost forty seven percent of the time most of us are distracted from the present moment, meaning that our minds wander into an array of distracted thoughts, and that this way of being is not conducive to happiness.  Maureen showed us how we could combat the habit of distraction and thus be able to come back to the present moment with some simple techniques incorporating mindfulness and awareness, and so over time increase our well being.   Some were particularily suited to the workplace, such as 'Stop' moments, where for just a moment, attention is brought to one or more of the senses, and to this very moment in time. Artists most probably use many of these techniques naturally while they are working, so we are gaining also an insight into the artist's mind. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and are looking forward to Maureen's return for some more. Meanwhile, we have some invaluable things to practise!  Find out more about Maureen's work here.




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