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Tarset Valley Photographs by Barbara Sellars

13 July 2015

The Tarset Valley in Northumberland  is an artist's paradise, with the big skies of the wide-open windswept fells, where light changes constantly.


Solitary stone buildings make their mark in this most sparsely inhabited parish of England, with a population density no greater than Mongolia, less than four people per square mile.


We live and work among the sheep, farming being the main way to make a living in these parts.



The ancient stone walls divide the land, marching out across the ground.


Close-up too, they are objects of great beauty.


Many species of lichen grow here in the cleanest of air.

Ferns too in abundance.

Mosses clothe the walls.


And flowers grow in the cracks.


Unison Colour is embedded in this landscape. Here you see Thorneyburn in the middle of the picture with the pastel makers' studios hidden away around the main building.


Trees are another important feature of the this landscape, sometimes standing alone, like guardians on the horizon.


Or close together in the pockets of woodland that run with the rivers and streams of the valley.


The dark conifers of Keilder forest come back to back with the deciduous fringes of the Tarset valley.

Wherever you stop and look there is a view worth remaining with for a while, to sit with, breath in, or draw.


Or close to the eye, one can linger too


Black-brown water creates an illusion of stillness.

But rushing over rocks all stillness is gone....


...and a myriad of colour appears.


Here are five more of our favourites:


Dr Barbara Sellars LRPS


Barbara’s photography is inspired by her lifelong love of the natural world.  Woodlands, coastlines and the intimate landscape are particular passions. She holds a Licentiate distinction from the Royal Photographic Society and has exhibited her work both as a solo artist and as part of group exhibitions. She is also a writer and poet and her photography and writing have appeared in several publications. 

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