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The Artist's Sets

20 November 2015

We have several sets especially commissioned by us from various artists.

Currently Lisa Ober, is making a new portrait set up for us which will be available shortly.

John's Set is the last set that the artist John Hersey, and creator of the Unison pastel, made with his son, Dan Hersey, before he died.

The two sets by John Palmer, Birds of Prey and Garden Birds helped create these beautiful images.

'Little Owl'


Sean Scully's 18 set is viewable here.


David Tremlett's 18 set is viewable here. David Tremlett's latest piece at the Noire Gallery in Turin can be seen here.


Emma Colbert's Animal sets come in two sizes, the 18 set and the 36 set.

Mary Brigid Mackay's Irish Landscape Set 36

and Peter Podmore's Northumbrian Landscape 36

are two wonderful sets for those working in these or similar environments.

Peter Podmore

For those working in warmer climates, Heather Harman's Mediterranean Half Stick 36 gives a versatile range of vibrant colours.

or Sophie Amauger's French Lanscape 72 Set is extensive.

'Fincagate' by Heather Harman


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