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11 May 2016

On Friday 6th May 2016 we welcomed some overseas visitors (although they got lost & nearly ran out of fuel on the way to our Unison Colour hideaway in Northumberland!)

So, who did we have to visit? None other than Australian pastel artists Chris Blake & Louise Corke with a band of merry artists from The Pastel Society in Queensland. Both Chris & Louise work with us at Unison Colour in developing their own sets and being ambassadors for us in Australia.

After cups of tea & coffee to refresh the weary it was time for the guided tour of Unison Colour HQ. First stop on the tour was visiting our expert pastel makers where they listened intently as the process it takes to produce our beautiful soft pastel was explained.


Next stop was pigments & finally the packing room (or Hub!) where the pastels are carefully labelled by hand & packed into cushioned foam before being sent onto their new homes.



During the tour the group chose their own palette & it was fascinating watching them decide on what was best from the great collection of pastels. Favourite colours were discussed, the Australian landscape & the quest for the deepest purple possible. Louise & another adventurous artist purchased some of our GIANT pastels.....these pastels are not for the faint hearted.

Cathi (Unison Colour Production Manager) spoke to Chris and he spoke passionately about our pastels & how he refers to the 'Unison Touch' during his demos because of the way our pastel clings to the pastel card as opposed to other brands.

As the afternoon drew to a close both ourselves & our antipodean visitors had a thoroughly informative visit & it was great to meet those who are able to produce amazing works of art with Unison Colour soft pastels

Don't forget if you wish to purchase our pastels, you buy direct from us via Amazon or from one of our many distributors.


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