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Who is Michelle Lucking?

5 October 2016

Following the unveiling of our new Beach Set, some of you may well be wondering 'Who on earth is Michelle Lucking?'..........

Michelle is an up & coming artist from North Somerset who specialises in painting the ever changing & dramatic nature of seascapes. Michelle first came under our radar when she posted a painting named 'Cape Verde' onto our facebook page. We were curious about Michelle & have followed her progress over the past few months & offering advice when needed. There had been some chatter on facebook about the possibility of producing a 'Beach Set' & our thoughts were 'lets ask Michelle to help us create this. Initially it was thought that this would be a set of 18 pastels but it became apparent when Michelle came to Unison HQ to pick her pallete, that to achieve what we all wanted a 36 set would be a better solution.

Cape Verde Wave

I wanted to create a set that you could use in your studio at home, or take to the beach with you. I've spent many hours sat on the beach painting the ever-changing mood of the sea, so I wanted to make sure that the set allowed as much versatility with the palette as possible: stormy days, azure skies, delicate mornings or vibrant sunsets, in addition to allowing for all the different sand & pebble beaches. It was apparent very quickly that the best option would be to work with a 36 set. I've engineered it loosely so that the top line can be used for skies, the middle line for the sea, & the bottom line for sand, although these can all be mixed & interchanged. Of course with the added bonus that the box isnt too big to take for plein air expeditions!

Burst Into Flames

'For me, there is nothing more captivating & mesmerising than the sea. I've spent many hours painting - both in my studio & painting plein air - the majestic & wild beauty of the ocean. There's something limitless & raw about it and I always see something new & challenging about it that I want to capture on paper. I've only ever used Unison Colour Pastels. I'm addicted to the incredible vibrancy of their colours, & the soft texture of the pastels that makes them immensely enjoyable & rewarding. I've used lots of the Unison Colour range to create my seascapes, and with the Beach Set I've chosen my very favourite colours that I always end up returning to when creating my paintings'.

Michelle is now one of our Unison Colour artists & if you would like to follow Michelle, she can be found on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, as well as having her own website

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