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Winner of Unison Colour Sponsored place at The Pastel Academy Online

25 July 2017



We are delighted to announce the winner of the Unison Colour sponsored place for The Pastel Academy is Keren Dibbens-Wyatt with her California Seascape painting.

The Pastel Academy is a new venture that has been developed by pastel artist Heather Harman. Heather & Unison Colour have worked together for many years so we were delighted to be asked to be one of the main sponsors alongisde Jackson's Art Supplies.

Why has The Pastel Academy been developed?

Over the past 3 years, Heather has been researching way in which she can reach the largest number of people with quality information that would be just as effective as if they were participating in a live workshop. The Pastel Academy would allow for;

  • No travel
  • Provide access to a growing resource of courses & information about pastel (drawing & painting) at any time
  • Provide a backup resources of fundamental information in the form of drawing/sketching/painting basics
  • Provide a supportive community to help individuls learn & grow as artists

The Pastel Academy aims to become the hub of all information that is pastel related & will feature courses in all aspects of pastel from pastel pencil drawing to full soft pastel painting. These will cover all subject areas such as portrait (animal & human), landscape, still life, floral. full drawing & sketching tuition.



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